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Name of Lifetime Movie Guy has Hallucinations of dead finacé won't leip woman preferably a student this movie is recent and is not Dream House 2011 is probably Remorse also known as Apparition but I'm not sure scene where he was gassed in basement it came on lifetime channel if anyone has scene the movie Remorse also Indon as Apparition can you confirm that scene is in the movie I think that is the movie since its newer

This is a lifetime movie I watched in June 2016 on LMN Lifetime I'm asking this question again because it wasn't the correct movie NOT dream house I think it might be Remorse also known as Apparition but I need to confirm if the guy was in the basement scene having a hallucination of being gassed and he wakes up on his bed and he hallucinates about his former fiancé who he believes is still alive in someway he finds the companionship of another young woman preferably a student and the hallucinations make him believe that she won't like him and that he should never leave the house the year of this movie would fall under 2013-2016 I believe thank you for taking the time trying to find this movie has got me going lmao.

Movie on Lifetime LMN there is a guy and he has hallucinations of a no longer living wife he is in this house I guess she lived in and keeps having hallucinations one where he is locked in a basement 

and that he is being gassed and is going to pass out or worse and he wakes up in the bed that's all i know we saw some of it back in June 2016 last month and wanted to find it again don't know if u can help or not but I thank you for your time also the wife seems to belittle him saying that the other girlfriend the living one won't want him I really want to find this movie please thank you.

 asked 16 hours ago in Name That Movie by RandyRobbins (2 points)


I think it might be apparition also known as Remorse which came on LMN Lifetime channel i recived this information via yahoo I am in the process of checking this out in the meantime if you think it could be something else let me know don't know the year but believe it was recent I saw it in June 2016  there was a scene in the movie where he was in the basement hallucinating being gassed and locked in if that scene is in the movie then I can confirm it is it again it may not be lifetime made but it did air on the LMN channel thanks for your continued support finding this title is getting the best of me and my nerves lmao

asked Jul 10, 2016 in Name That Movie by RandyRobbins (3 points)

1 Answer

I watched the same movie fairly recently on Lifetime.

It IS "Remorse" aka "Apparition" (2015).

I've been trying to get it on videotape but keep missing it for some reason.


From IMDb:

"Apparition" is a supernatural thriller exploring the themes of love, death, and the fragility of the mind. When Doug's fiancee, Lori, is killed in a car accident, he retreats to their isolated farmhouse to deal with his loss. Left to grieve amid years of memories, Doug realizes he has not returned alone. As he learns the tragic history of the farmhouse, supernatural occurrences leave him fearing for his sanity and reveal a secret Lori took with her to the grave. Struggling to determine whether what he is seeing is real or all in his head, Doug finds solace in the company of Jamie, a local grad student. As their friendship deepens, Doug draws her with him into the horrifying events unfolding in the old farmhouse.               



answered Jul 10, 2016 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
MystMoonstruck thank you for answering my question you found the movie I just needed that confirmation now I can get in check when I catch it on thank you and thank you for answering my other questions regarding this.
You're welcome!