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A SF movie set on another planet. Small weapons like smart land-mines evolve into all sorts of elaborate killing machines that imitate dogs, people, etc. One even carries on a philosphical conversation while trying to kill.

A SF movie set on another planet.  Small weapons like smart land-mines evolve into all sorts of elaborate killing machines that imitate dogs, people, etc.  One even carries on a philosphical conversation while trying to kill.  The planet is very dry like a desert.  There are old warehouses.  Metal buildings.  At one point there is an attempt to launch a rocket back to Earth, but there is not space or fuel enough to taken everyone.  I seem to remember the female lead being an android, but am not sure.  Perhaps a copy of the hero's dead wife.  The fight to prevent them from taking off is when one smart weapon gets philosophical about his destiny as a killing machine.  I think the movie has a one word title that is a slang term for the smart killing machines.  Like Blitzers or Cutters or some such term.  The killing devices are elaborate, smart and evolve.  Any ideas?
asked Aug 25, 2013 in Name That Movie by Mitch lee (29 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
"Screamers" (1995) ?
IMDb synopsis:
On a distant mining planet ravaged by a decade of war, scientists have created the perfect weapon: a blade-wielding, self-replicating race of killing devices known as Screamers designed for one purpose only -- to hunt down and destroy all enemy life forms. But. their greatest weapon has continued to evolve without any human guidance, and now it has devised a new mission: to obliterate all life. Col. Hendricksson (Peter Weller) is commander of a handful of Alliance soldiers still alive on Sirius 6B. Betrayed by his own political leaders and disgusted by the atrocities of this never-ending war, Hendricksson decides he must negotiate a separate peace with the New Economic Bloc's decimated forces. But to do so, he will have to cross a treacherous wasteland where the deadliest threat comes from the very weapons he helped to create.

There is a sequel: "Screamers: The Hunting" (2009).
answered Aug 25, 2013 by MystMoonstruck (10,229 points)
selected Aug 27, 2013 by Mitch lee
Thanks!  I never would have thought SCREAMERS.  Thanks again!
You're welcome! Occasionally, it is asked about at various movie sites, and I'm surprised by the number of ways it is described.

Happy movie watching!