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1970's (?) sci fi movie- UFO's in desert follow teenager walking trail

I can only remember a very small part of the movie. It was part of a low budget film marathon on television years ago and it seemed to be from the 70's based on the characters' appearances and the color of the film. I remember a teenage boy is talking about his attitude to life in general with an older character who says "So you are just a typical teenager" to which he replies "Damn right". I think a narrator explains that the teenage character has had contact with ufo's and/or aliens all his life and lately the contacts have become more frequent. The next scene showed him walking a desert path and silver UFO's were following him.
asked Jul 28, 2016 in Name That Movie by Gregg (6 points)
"The Alien Encounters" (1979)?

Full movie is on Youtube here:
Yes that's it!! The dialogue I remembered is at 25m. What a great obscure film that was. I can't believe anyone would know it. Thank you so much- I was thinking about that film it seems all my life. Now I know what it was.
I have just submitted this below as the official answer. If you come back here, please select my answer below as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star next to my answer. Many thanks.
I have just done that.  Thanks again- so glad to finally know.

1 Answer

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"The Alien Encounters"

Allan Reed: I get it. Typical teenager, huh?

Steve Arlyn: Damn right!


answered Jul 28, 2016 by casspir (19,166 points)
selected Jul 29, 2016 by Gregg