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Lesbians, probably set in the Middle Ages, Europe

I remember very little about this movie, I only watched a scene before turning off the Tv because I was busy.

I remember clearly that the description of the movie said that the two protagonists were in love and they were "reuniting" and that's basically what the scene I watched was about: girl 1 just arrived at girl 2's place, girl 2 offers to clean her, later girl 1 lies down on her bed with her upper body fully visible while girl 2 cleans her with water or oil (more unlikely), girl 1 takes advantage of this and places girl 2's hand on one of her boobs while saying something I can't remember ( I can't remember a single line of dialogue actually) but girl 2 dismisses her and tries to avoid her. Also, they're both underaged.

This is all I can remember with certainty, other details that may or may not be true:

• "Girl 2's place" is probably a convent or monastery, meaning that they're both nuns, although this is weird because they were wearing regular clothes, not the black and white nun outfit.

• The movie is probably set in the Middle Ages, this was probably written in the description although I'm not sure about it, but the movie surely gave a "Dark Ages" feel since everything was dark, there was no kindness and the "place" was rudimentary (girl 2 was cleaning girl 1 with a bowl of water, not a shower or bath or something), plus they both had no pants, just a long dress.

• The movie was probably made not before 2000, at least judging by the technology and the camera quality, but tbh I have no clue.

So this is all I can remember, hope you can help me 'cause Google sure didn't, when I once typed "gay cowboys movie" I was immediately brought to Brokeback mountain but "middle ages lesbians movie"? NOPE!
asked Aug 22, 2016 in Name That Movie by Langhope (1 point)
"World Without End " ? Haven't seen it but I read the book it was based on and there are definitely some  lesbian nuns in it.
Thank you but that's not it, I'm 100% sure it's a movie, not a mini-series.
possibly Chained Sinners: Medieval Fleshpots