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A 'B' monster movie where the monster steals organs

Date: I guess 1990-2000.

Country of origin: Unknown (hungarian dubbing).

It starts with a dig-site in an icy, cold environment. Scientists drill a hole in the ground and somebody descends into it. A round spaceship is found there with beehive-like features. Later this monster awakens and starts to kill the drill-crew one by one. It takes organs from their bodies and sucks their blood out. Later it goes up to the surface and plants some kind of a beacon to call his comrades. The humans find it and destroy it. In another scene the people find a coccoon on the wall of a laboratory, filled with human organs. There is a woman whom the monster encounters but it doesn't kill her because she was malnutritioned at the time, so instead it forcefully feeds her a globule of vitamins (?) by attaching itself to her mouth. Later people examine what was planted in her, that's how they know. At the end somebody rams into the creature with a forklift (?) and eventually somehow the monster gets electrocuted.

The monster had two legs, it was thin, and yellowish-white.

It's not The Thing (1982 or 2011).
asked Aug 26, 2016 in Name That Movie by lavina (700 points)
I have no idea what movie that was, but I want to watch it RIGHT NOW. Thanks for making me aware of it! Too bad I can't help...
Maybe Alien Hunter(2003)??


Is a USA/Bulgarian prodution. Similar premise to what you described.
Maybe "Ice Crawlers" aka "Deep Freeze"?
Thank you, it looked promising but I was told it's not it.
Thank you, but unfortunately it's not the one.
"Nightworld: Survivor"

It can be watched in five parts on the internet here:
Part 1/5:

Part 2/5:

Part 3/5:

Part 4/5:

Part 5/5:

I have just finished watching the bloody thing, I am sure this is the movie the questioner is looking for. VHS can submit it as the official answer. Great find.:)
From the pits of Google-search hell, VHS crawls out with the answer. :)
Thank you!

1 Answer

Best answer
"Nightworld: Survivor"

Glad we figured it out for you. That one was a beast to find. Enjoy.
answered Sep 5, 2016 by VHS_Lives (10,777 points)
selected Sep 6, 2016 by lavina