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Plane crashes on island possibly after global apocalypse, survivors turn on each other, 90s-ish

I saw this movie on TV in the mid to late 90s. I'm not sure exactly how old it is but it's colour and I would guess 80s or 90s. A plane crashes on an uninhabited island due to some sort of global apocalypse or war. The survivors include (but may not be limited to; can't remember) an older military guy, a gay couple, a single guy who might have been French, an older (post-menopause) woman, and a young, attractive woman. I don't remember the full or correct sequence of events, but the following things happen:

-The old military guy (who has a gun) becomes more and more autocratic.

-The group decide (possibly not unanimously) that they must repopulate the world and the young woman must choose a mate or she will be forced. She chooses the possibly French guy.

-During a group argument on the beach the old military guy shoots one of the gay couple in the head. He was consistently homophobic but the killing might have been to show dominance as I think the rest of the group started to turn against him.

-The old military guy sets himself up in a jungle fort protected by traps. At some point towards the end, somebody, perhaps the French guy or perhaps the second gay guy, falls into one of them which is like an elephant trap; a pit with sharpened pikes at the bottom.

-Over the course of the movie everybody is killed off except for the two women. One of the final scenes is the two of them on the beach.

I cannot say for sure, but I think the movie might be British or Australian. A friend of mine who had also seen it (but didn't know the name either) said the old military guy was played by "that old guy that plays British officers in old-timey films". I'm not sure who he meant and he was unable to clarify. Not the best clue but for what it's worth...

Movies it isn't: After The Dark (aka The Philosophers) (2013), Lord Of The Flies (1963), Lord Of The Flies (1990).


asked Aug 30, 2016 in Name That Movie by ratpelt (71 points)

"Lost Flight"
Detailed plot:

"Jonesy is exposed when Beejay revives and tries to escapes into the jungle, but is accidentally impaled by Barnaby's animal trap. When a child is born, the survivors unite to create a new society."

If you think this is the movie you are looking for, then please select my answer as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star.

Great guess casspir, Lost Flight is going on my watch list, but I doubt it's the movie I'm looking for. From what I can see it was supposed to be the pilot for a TV show that never materialised, and while I would be willing to believe the plot differences are the product of my unclear memory, I very much doubt some of the more taboo plot points (the homosexual couple, the woman being made to choose her rapist) would appear in a TV pilot. Also the sex and violence in the movie I'm looking for, while not *overly* gorey or explicit, would likely be a no-no for US networks in the 70s. I would also say that 1970  is probably a little bit too early for the film I'm after.
Casspir also said Lost Flight but I'm not convinced. Check my reply and see if you disagree. Have you seen Lost Flight yourself? If so, is there a gay couple, and what do you think about the sex/violence being too much for a TV pilot like Lost Flight?
Thanks for the effort!
I have never seen the film, sadly. It was just what my searches produced. I will keep looking though.
I appreciate that. I've been thinking on it and it seems to me it might hinge on figuring out who "that old guy that plays British officers in old-timey films" is. Not a lot to go on but I feel like it might end up being the key clue...
Hey, ratpelt, please see my answer below, I am sure that is your movie. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star next to it. Many thanks.

1 Answer

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It is a Dutch movie titled "The Last Island" (1990):

From an IMDb review:
"Very good film from Dutch director Marleen Gorris, known for her Academy Award winning film "Antonia" (best foreign film, 1995) A few people are stranded on an isolated island somewhere in the Pacific after their plane crashed. Somehow (you know when you see it) they all find out that they are the last people on earth. The people are a mix of cultural differences: a gay, a military religious fanatic, a French man, a quite sexually disturbed young man, an old woman, a dog, See it...and ONE woman. Only leaves one question: Who spends the semen, to make human kind last for another x years? In the film this question is the main theme, and, when one thinks of it, a very hard ordeal. Not only for the men, who are kindly willing to spend it, but especially for the woman. All in all, a film from a females viewpoint but with a lot of things for men AND women to think about. A MUST to see, in my humble opinion. You will be astound with what will happen to this few people. See it....It's worth while..."

Another synopsis
"Feminist disaster movie in which seven very different people and a dog survive an air disaster. They crash on a desert island and turn out to be the sole survivors of a world catastrophe. The question arises whether the human race should be allowed to survive. When one of the men increasingly takes on the role of leader, the situation escalates dramatically."

I am sure this is your movie. If you agree, please select my answer as Best Answer by clicking on the yellow star next to it.

The old military guy (played by Kenneth Colley):

answered Jan 7, 2017 by casspir (19,166 points)
selected Aug 8, 2019 by ratpelt
Casspir, you're a steely-eyed movie man!
Apologies for the late confirmation, I'd forgotten I'd ever asked the question until a few minutes ago and I decided to have a look here. This certainly looks to be my movie, I'll be watching it shortly.
Thank you so much for figuring this out for me, you can't imagine how pleased I am!
Hi, ratpelt, I am also pleased about the fact that I managed to find the movie for you. It is always a pleasure to solve someone's movie mystery.
Thank you for following up and selecting my answer as Best Answer, it is always good to have confirmation. It is better late than never. :)) Enjoy your movie.