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Crime movie where a woman lives in a lake house and at the end she discovers a body in cement (in the dock)

I'm pretty sure the woman is Sandra Bullock, but I'm not sure. There's a lot of water and boats, details are fuzzy. Nearly the end of the movie, the woman discovers a body cemented in the dock, at which point the killer tries to kill her (I think). Not the greatest movie ever made, but maybe you'll know this one... Thanks!
asked Sep 12, 2016 in Name That Movie by StoryOfaMASH (141 points)

Looks like "What Lies Beneath"

The wife of a university research scientist believes that her lakeside Vermont home is haunted by a ghost - or that she is losing her mind. 

There's a movie with Sandra Bullock "The Lake House".

But there's no corpse in it, since it's a romantic movie.
It's not The Lake House, I thought the mentioning of a lake house might cause this confusion...
Nope, but I see how you got that impression
"The Vanishing" from 1993 - starring Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, Sandra Bullock and Nancy Travis.

Jeff Harriman (Kiefer Sutherland) goes on vacation with his girlfriend Diane Shaver (Sandra Bullock), who vanishes without a trace at a gas station. Three years later, Jeff is still obsessed with finding out what happened. One day, Barney Cousins (Jeff Bridges) arrives at Jeff's door and admits that he was responsible for her disappearance. Cousins promises to show Jeff what happened to Diane, but only if he agrees to go through exactly the same thing she did.

In a short series of flash-backs, the build-up to the crime is shown. Jeff is taken to the gas station where his lover went missing, and is told that if he drinks a cup of coffee which has been drugged, he will discover her fate by experiencing it. He does, and wakes up to find he has been buried alive.

Jeff's new girlfriend, Rita (Nancy Travis), has traced him and his abductor to the area, and discovers just in time what has happened. She gets Cousins to drink drugged coffee by talking about his daughter, but does not realize the drug takes 15 minutes to take effect. She goes in search of Jeff, but is thwarted at the last minute by Cousins. Fortunately, Jeff has revived and is able to climb out of the grave and kill his tormentor with the shovel he had used to bury Jeff and Diane. The remake ends with Jeff and Rita back together, selling the story as a novel to a publishing company.   The ending does take place with many boats, boat house and dock.  Diane (Sandra Bullock) is dead and buried and Jeff (Kiefer Sutherland) is almost buried alive. Rita (Nancy Travis) helps Jeff to bury Cousins (Jeff Bridges) just like Cousins killed and buried Diane.

1 Answer

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Could it be 'Head Above Water'?

With Harvey Keitel and Cameron Diaz.
answered Sep 18, 2016 by Pelicula (41 points)
selected Oct 7, 2016 by StoryOfaMASH
That is it :D, thank you!