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1970s Horror Magazine - I'm gonna laugh my fool head off!

My brother and I were readers of a few horror mags from the 1970s (Eerie, Scream, Weird Tales, etc). From what I can recall each issue consisted of a few unrelated stories. One story that I vaguely recall is one of two young brothers, maybe in their teens. One brother was constantly bullying his brother, tormenting him to no end. He would always laugh and say, "I'm gonna laugh my fool head off!". That line has stuck in my mind for 40 years. So one day these boys are working in the field, cutting wheat I think, with a scythe. Again, the bully was tormenting his brother, guffawing and saying "I'm gonna laugh my fool head off!!". The younger brother had finally had enough. He had a crazy look in his eye, and he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed the scythe and cut off his brother's head. Yes, he certainly laughed his fool head off. I have googled this over and over and over, with no luck. It's probably between 1970 and 1976. I'm 53, and I mentioned this tale to my older brother, who is 55, and he actually remembered it. He said I would say that same "laugh my fool head off" phrase for months after reading it, which I don't recall doing. So I'm just wondering if any of you had read these magazines, and if you remember this story. :)
asked Oct 22, 2016 in Name That Book by Acpiwetz (388 points)