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80s-90s horror o sci-fi About a mad scientist´s animal experiments

Remember a scientis´s son had a dog. The dog died or been killed accidentally by the doctor I guess. Then the Doctor makes an hybrid with the front half of the dog and a lamb´s back part. Joined or tied by the brain and spine cord of the dog. When Doctor´s wife noticed the experiment she got terrified.
asked Nov 26, 2016 in Name That Movie by Lord Kouga (8 points)
It is probably "No Telling":

"The Story
     Lillian moves with her hubbie Geoffrey to a modest country house for an apparent summer retreat.  What she doesn’t know is that Geoffrey, who works for a pharmaceutical research company, has moved them to this remote area so he can conduct nasty experiments on unsuspecting animals away from the public eye.  He sets up a laboratory adjacent to their home where he does strange things to rats.  Later he captures a local dog in an ancient bear trap and does something unspeakable--and only partially glimpsed--to it.  Finally Jeffrey buys a calf from a farmer and ends up clubbing it to death so the locals won’t notice him dragging it back to his lab.
     In the meantime Lillian has become suspicious of her husband’s activities.  Her concerns are enflamed by Alex, a hunky environmentalist with whom she embarks on a tentative affair.  Lillian suffers from nightmares involving white lab coat-wearing freaks, blood and body bags.  One night she tries to investigate Geoffrey’s laboratory but he stops her before she can see much, which only intensifies Lillian’s suspicions.  The next day she spots a sign about a missing dog, and she and Alex decide to confront Geoffrey.
     They end up catching Geoffrey in the act of videotaping the dog he captured, which has been turned into a grotesque dog-calf hybrid that doesn’t live long.  A confrontation ensues between Geoffrey, Lillian and Alex."
Lord Kouga, what about the above suggestions?
Definitely Is NO TELLING. Thats it!! Ive just seen. It was not as good as I remembered but thanks a lot!! Youre definitely AN EXPERT
Hey, VHS_Lives, submit this please as the official answer, you were the first to suggest it. Thanks.

1 Answer

No Telling

Glad that was it. I forgot all about this over time...
answered Jan 6 by VHS_Lives (10,777 points)