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What's this horror possession movie?

I need help finding a horror movie my parents had rented last year (not sure if it came out in 2016 but I'm pretty sure it came out in the 21st century). It's about a girl who is possessed by a demon, possibly the devil but maybe a random demon. (The girl who's possessed lives with her mother, if that helps at all). 

I know there's a woman involved who helps the girl that doesn't believe in demons/possessions etc.(She was working with a woman who did believe in that stuff/did stuff with possessions I think, an older woman than her. Possibly late 40's early 50's.) The woman who doesn't believe in such works with children. Maybe a psychologist or something (If I remember correctly she blames the possession on mental illness or something in the movie, denying the fact that it's a possession.) 

The one scene I remember for sure is the girl who's possessed, she's in her room (or possibly basement) and she's drawing or painting with the music playing loudly (same song that was in the beginning of the movie. It was a song only made for the movie itself, I remember trying to find it but couldn't). I do believe she turns on the music with her mind while possessed, not even touching it. 
I really hope someone can help me! Also, the woman that doesn't believe in possessions, etc. the demon brings up something about her, something personal, maybe her past or something and I do believe that from there on, she starts to believe? I apologize for questioning myself so much, I want to make sure I'm not saying something that may possibly not be true.
Also: the song in the film I mentioned has the lyrics "i'll be your blue sky take all your pain waiting for the sun to rise i will never be the same without you by my side" this song is also at the end in the credits playing.

asked Jan 12, 2017 in Name That Movie by Rc89 (32 points)
Not it but thank you for commenting!

It could be "Anguish" (2015)

Tess is a teenage girl diagnosed with identity disorder, however that may not be the problem after all. Lucy, a teenage girl who's in the same town, and around the same age. The unlikely pair meet in a way that so few people actually understand, and usually misinterpret.

It could be "Inner Demons"

A reality television crew, whose show features stories about drug addicts, finds that their 16-year-old junkie for their latest episode might actually not be fighting addiction, but a demonic force gripping her soul.
No go but thanks for trying!
There wasn't a television crew in it, but thanks to both for trying

1 Answer

Best answer
Dark Exorcism (2015).

This is it, because the described song does play during the end credits.

I didn't actually find it though, it was a reddit user.
answered Jan 13, 2017 by lavina (810 points)
selected Jan 13, 2017 by Rc89
Thank you for finding it for me! Thanks to all for commenting