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Older comedy movie with a time machine

A film I remember seeing a long time ago but can't find any information on now.

It starts out with an upper class guy showing off a "time machine" he'd acquired to his friends. He would ask them to name a place in history he should visit, then he'd go inside where he had a stash of artifacts/props from different eras and he'd just bring out a relevant one.

Then he and one other "stooge" character accidentally press the lever on a slot machine inside the machine and it turns out the time machine really works, and they get transported to various places throughout time while trying to figure out how to make it back, with humorous consequences.

There's a scene where the upper class character dunks the stooge character's head in a bucket of water so that his life flashes before his eyes as he drowns, eventually leading him to remember the coordinates/combination for the time machine that would let them get back to their own time.
asked Jan 20, 2017 in Name That Movie by PT (1 point)
When did you see it? When was it made, which decade? Was it in English?

1 Answer

Sounds like you're describing the short film "Blackadder" Back & Forth" which was premiered in 2000 at the Skyscape Cinema inside London's Millennium Dome.  This was a spin-off from the BBC's "Blackadder" sitcom series, starring Rowan Atkinson as the weaselly Blackadder with Tony Robinson as his hapless sidekick Baldrick. The plot follows Lord Blackadder's various time trips in his "fake" time machine which was built just to scam people and not expected to actually work. After encounters with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Queen Elizabeth the First (as seen in series 2 of the TV show), Robin Hood and the Duke of Welllington, Blackadder is desperate to return home and resorts to dunking Baldrick's head in a bucket of water till he recalls the control settings for "home".

If you enjoyed this I would recommend series 2 (Blackadder 2), 3 (Blackadder The Third) and 4 (Blackadder Goes Forth) of the TV show, which are all funnier than this film.

answered Feb 2, 2017 by golux (141 points)

It can be watched here:

It seems that's the one. Golux, you are amazing, I also wanted to know what this is, and you found it. Great job! :)