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I don't remember the book name but I remember the plot its about a witch and it begins like the fairytale hansel and gretel but the girl is a witch and she becomes an apprentice to another witch to stop her from eating her brother, but then the cinderella fairytale begins but in modern times.

So the girl, ella i think, she lives a perfect life with her parents and then one day a random girl appears on their doorstep and says that she's the other daughter her father never knew about. So she is her steps sister and then when ella goes to give her some of her clothes, the step sister picks out the not so good clothes, although ella tried to give her the good clothes and then their father gets mad at ella for not sharing the good clothes and he takes the step sister to the mall to buy new clothes. For a couple of weeks, ella gives up her room to the step sister because the step sister is manipulative and finds ways to use ella's father against her. Then one day, their father has a heart attack and ella's mom treats the stepsister terribly and moves her back in to the smaller room and has her clean. Then ella meets this new guy named warren and he and ella start dating and ella didn't tell warren about her step sister and when her stepsister and warren meet, warren falls in love with the stepsister and ella is heartbroken. Ella loves reading and poetry and would pick a good book over going out. Ella meets this witch who will help her. The witch had helped a mermaid, a princess with porcelin skin, a sleeping princess and many more. One day the mother recieves and invite to a famous persons party and dresses ella all pretty and tells the step sister that she has to stay home. Ella can't stand to see the way warren is being treated so ella asks the witch to help her step sister get ready for the famous person's party. When ella gets to the party she finds a corner and takes out her book and reads her poetry and then she gets spoted by a very handsome man, who turns out to be the famous person and they are clsoe in age too, they bond and get to know each other over poetry. When she sees her step sister arrives, her step sister goes and interupts them and tries to take his attention so Ella just walks away seeing how she's no match and then the famous person says no and goes to ella and brings ella her shoe, and they talk the rest of the evening. now ella and the famous person are dating the end.
asked Feb 15, 2017 in Name That Book by chima (13 points)