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Perhaps around 80s - early 2000s Kid's Fantasy/Adventure Movie

I remembered watching a movie when I was a kid. I don't remember finishing it even though I find it really interesting because it was aired on night time. I was so young back then that I will only relate the scenes I recall. The movie's start revolves around a little girl in a castle or perhaps it was a mansion somewhere in the woods maybe but I am not that sure if it is in the woods, I just remembered that there are woods. The girl is living with her aunt (I think) and this aunt makes her clean the mansion/castle all by herself since there are only 2 of them in there. The girl never has the chance of getting outside of the castle/ mansion. There was a magical teddy bear (I don't remember if it really a teddy bear or some other stuffed toy) who can speak and is the girl's only friend but I am not sure if the aunt knows that the teddy bear exists. There was a scene where the girl go to the garden and there was an apparition and the apparition was of her mother who died. The mother spoke to her for some minutes and disappeared because her aunt is calling for the girl. FRom what I understand, the aunt told her nothing about her mother except that she died and the girl was somehow forbidden to go that portion of the garden. The aunt has this aura of being a witch. One time while she was scrubbing the floors and cleaning the library of the mansion/castle, she came upon a book in one of the shelves and it looked like a spell book. She read it for some time and was interested (by this time I think the girl really know that her aunt is a witch). From there on, the girl planned to escape the mansion/castle. she prepared clothes, foods, ect. and put them on a carpet. The aunt needs to go out and I think went to the city one day, that's the time the girl planned to escape. She brought the book and prepared things up her room which is on one of the above rooms. BY the time she opened the book and read the spell/incantation the aunt was returning home and somehow the aunt senses that there was something wrong and called for her. I think the aunt guessed that she was escaping in that moment (I am not sure if she went to the library to see the book which is not there) and run to her room but it took her a while since the girl's room is almost on the top room of mansion/castle. The girl keeps reading the spell aloud until the carpet floats and slowly started to go through her window. By that time her aunt is near her bedroom and was trying to open it, just as the carpet was almost through the window her aunt opened the door and run to it and reached for the carpet and her but was late since the carpet already floated few inches out of her reach. Then the scene focuses on the carpet floating above the sea (or perhaps a large lake?) the girl is happy and her teddy bear that they escaped. The girl even touches the sea while they are floating above it. That's the last part of the movie I watched and I presumed that perhaps they will be landing a village or city but I never get to finished it. 

I hope you are able to help me find the movie's title. I watched this movie around the time/ year I watched Hocus Pocus on TV and I did not know the title of Hocus Pocus by then until I watched it again on TV few years later. I think this movie and Hocus Pocus were aired during Halloween or Christmas as a special. I was able to finish the movie Hocus Pocus by the frst time I watched it but this one is not and I want to really know its title because it bugs me ever since then. Thank you in advance.

asked Mar 4, 2017 in Name That Movie by Yellow Lala (32 points)
edited Mar 6, 2017 by Yellow Lala