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Guy wakes up into a new reality (or time travel somehow), meets his (ex-)wife in a bar, he himself from the future turns out to be the bad guy

Not sure what thsi is - some weird obscure scif

trying to find it with no luck

i know the end scene is a battle between the guy and another version of himself, underground in a car park maybe

Maybe released in the early 2000s, quite low budget I think - very obscure and not so well known.
asked Mar 19, 2017 in Name That Movie by tOLJY (1 point)
edited Mar 19, 2017 by tOLJY


"The agent's time-travel device does not decommission itself as planned and can still be used. He has been ordered to check a launderette at the moment the Fizzle Bomber will be there. The Fizzle Bomber turns out to be the agent's own future self, now suffering from psychosis as a result of excessive time travel. The Fizzle Bomber insists that his actions have saved and will save more lives than the lives lost, and that they ultimately lead to the reinforcement of the Temporal Agency. He tries to convince the agent that the only way to end the cycle is to spare his life, unlike the Fizzle Bomber did in his past. The agent denies he will ever become the Fizzle Bomber and kills his future self."

My other guess would be
"The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations"

In this movie there is an abandoned car plant.
Nope, pretty sure its a standalone movie - not part of a series.

I know that there is a scene where the guy goes on his first date with his wife again, and he relives this a few timees.
And it is not "Predestination"?
Definitely not Predestination, I saw Predestination when it came out ~3 years ago. This one, I saw about 10 years ago, having downloaded it from the internet.
Seems to be a pretty difficult one to find - not entirely sure if its time travel or alternate realities either.
I think it might have a single word title

1 Answer

answered Mar 20, 2017 by Doris76 (345 points)