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Help Finding Early 2000s Action/Assassin Movie First 5-10 mins

I only watched the first 5-10 mins or of this movie on Amazon Prime, I tried to go back to my history to see if it was there but I couldn't find it.

(What I remember)

There's two men walking down what I think is a port/pier during the day. They're talking about a hit they have to make on a woman and are waiting for her to show up. This is all done in one wide shot there are no cuts during the scene. As they are talking they are briefly interrupted by something off screen and begin to draw their weapons but stop once what they are seeing comes into frame, which is a woman jogging past them. I think they start talking again about someone they either tortured or the method someone was tortured by (I think) getting their eye removed. They go back and forth about how gratuitous and gruesome that kind of thing is or something. In the background you can see a figure slowly walking towards them on the path and as he reaches them, pulls out his gun and shots them both in the head before walking off screen.... I'm pretty sure the next scene is a man in a bed and the alarm going off.... I think this is where the movie begins to introduce the characters via montage I'm not sure because I stopped watching around that time.


Is anyone familiar with this plot at all? Would love to know the name of the movie, I thought the beginning was amazing. It had an Ocean's vibe to it in the sense that it has dry direct humor, I'm not sure whether it was a comedy or not.

Please helppppp :'(
asked Mar 20, 2017 in Name That Movie by TheAnxiousMoviegoer (12 points)

1 Answer

Best answer
answered Mar 20, 2017 by JanosProhaska (1,490 points)
selected Mar 20, 2017 by TheAnxiousMoviegoer
Your amazing :)

For anyone who doesn't feel like waiting for an answer whatismymovie is also awesome at finding movies!