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Boy and girl criminal spree

The beginning I remember most, American boy and girlfriend hitch a lift from a young couple then the boy goes a bit psycho and shoots the driver then takes the drivers girlfriend down some steps or a ladder to below ground level and she is wearing an old style American college cardigan, the psycho attacks her while his girlfriend is stood above fretting.
asked Mar 27, 2017 in Name That Movie by nrobbo64 (35 points)
The Doom Generation with rose mcgowan
No sorry not that, I wish I could remember more about the film, the one scene I hope to trigger a correct answer is the attack on the couple giving a lift to another couple and the lack of gratitude.
It almost sounds like "Murder In the Heartland" which is based on a true story.
Here's part of the plot:   When Robert Jensen and Carol King, two local teenagers, stopped to give them a ride, Starkweather forced them to drive back to an abandoned storm shelter in Bennet, where he shot Jensen in the back of the head. He then attempted to rape King but was unable to do so. He became angry with her and fatally shot her. Starkweather later admitted shooting Jensen, but claimed that Fugate shot King. The two fled Bennet in Jensen's car.
Sadly not that film/tv series but I am fairly sure my film is set in earlier times like that !
Correct killer just wrong moviem I am happy I came across it online its

1 Answer

answered Mar 9, 2019 by nrobbo64 (35 points)