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British Detective series from early eighties (seventies?). A bottle of milk is poisoned outside the door in this episode.

The series was broadcasted on Belgian TV in the 80's.
The intro tune was with a very high woman's voice, mersmerizing.
The plot set to an area close to the se/coast/water involved. I think this is valid for all episodes
I remember just one part from one episode, hélas:

The milkmen in those days brought glas cans of milk to the homes,
these were typically just dropped in front of the door.
The milk was poisoned and therefor propaply a main topic (murder attempt) in the plot of that episode. Milk bottles had only such metal foil cover on top back than.

I'm curious for more than 20 years to know this series & of course hope to be able to watch it again, thanks very mucho if there's the real British Detectives Specialist amongst us. And sorry for the limited keys towards the right title.
The Series name will do of course, or even suggestions, so i'll watch all episodes 'some day' to get ahead in my long-term search.
asked Oct 28, 2013 in Name That TV Show by davevanhove (22 points)
edited Jul 13, 2016 by davevanhove

1 Answer

Possibly Van der Valk starring Barry Foster.  Muchas gracias!
answered Aug 31, 2015 by paul morphy (3,811 points)
I still have to check those 25 episodes, good part it seems the three seasons are available on DVD, nice. Thanks!!