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TV horror in 80s; frog/lizard-like monsters attack people. Movie ends with chasing people into small plane or helicopter and the people fly away, but one monster jumps out of the back just before credits

I saw this movie on TV in the latter 80s one saturday afternoon on what may have been the Saturday Nightmares or its like.  I only saw the ending of the movie, but it has stuck with me forever.  In it, there was a handful of people in a house and these monsters that looked like either humanoid frogs, or humanoid lizards, where jumping through walls/windows as they chased after the people.  The people fled the house and got into a helicopter or a small airplane and were flying away and they were relieved, but then one of the creatures jumps out of the back of the plane/helicopter and the credits rolled.
asked Apr 4, 2017 in Name That Movie by Wadiv (7 points)

1 Answer

"Dance of the Dwarfs"(1983)?  Also known as "Jungle Heat".

Here is the IMDb page.

And here is the last paragraphs describing the final scenes from Wikipedia.

At night, Evelyn radios Harry again and tells him she sees the duendes, which, she discovers, is really a tribe of lizard creatures. She shoots a few with her flare gun before fleeing onto a vine over the deadly lake. Before her arms give out, she is picked up by her pilot, who she kisses as they fly back to Luis's fort in hopes of rescuing him.

However, they find both him and Maria dead, and his compound crawling with the duendes. They manage to escape them and fly away with love, or at least respect, noticeably blossoming. However, when Dr. Howard goes to the middle of the chopper to check on some machinery, she is grabbed by one of the clawed hands of the duendes.
answered Apr 4, 2017 by Cinemanster (1,896 points)
edited Apr 4, 2017 by Cinemanster