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70s-80s sci-fi about robots watching people through the mirrors in their homes

Country of origin: Unknown (Hungarian dubbing). Not Asian or Indian.

Humans are living in some sort of isolated housing projects run by robots or aliens who are observing the behaviour of the people through the mirrors in their homes.
One day a woman notices that her reflection in the mirror is slightly out of sync, and that is what leads to eventually uncovering the truth about their environment.
asked Jun 15, 2017 in Name That Movie by lavina (699 points)
edited Jun 15, 2017 by lavina
I can see why you suggested it, but it's not it, thank you!
Hey, lavina, I'm curious, can I ask you when and where did you see this movie? You mention in your description that you saw this dubbed in Hungarian. Do you have this Hungarian dubbed version (or a link to it)?
I didn't really know if it was dubbed Hungarian and now that it's been identified I can't find a Hungarian version so it might not have a Hungarian dub.
I was told recently that there is a Hungarian dub for it, but I have no sample.

1 Answer

Best answer
I think I've found it!

"Computercide"(1981 TV movie). Also known as "The Final Eye".

Here it is from Youtube. You can see the hair brushing scene at about 50:15 in the movie. Just click on the link below.
answered Jun 15, 2017 by Cinemanster (1,896 points)
selected Jun 16, 2017 by lavina
P.S. The Youtube video says 1977, but IMDb lists the release year as 1981.
I remember seeing this movie as a kid on TV sometime in the middle of the 80's. Back at the time I found it very suspensful, so much so that during some scenes I had to look away, because I couldn't bear the suspense.:) Watching it now, as an adult, well, it's a different movie... :)
A few weeks ago I suggested this as a possible answer to another question (as it turned out it wasn't the correct answer), and then I rewatched more or less the whole movie, but I didn't remember the mirror scene. Good catch, Cinemanster! :)
I read somewhere that this movie was a pilot to a series that didn't get off the ground. The movie was collecting dust on the shelves for years until it was finally released around 81/82.
Yeah, I can't believe I found it. It happened to be on Youtube under a different title, and just casually skimming through I see the hair brushing scene. I think this is it, just waiting for the OP to confirm. Thanks casspir.
Amazing find. It's that feeling when you try to find something so hard but come up with nothing, you throw in the towel, post it for others, and somebody comes through for you. Thanks!