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90's or 00's Drama, a blonde young teen enters in a marriage's life and tries to seduce him

The film starts when a marriage are having sex but someone knocks the door. The wife ask him to ignore the fact but then knocks again and the husbands insist to open, rigth when the wife is coming to orgasm so the sex was interrumped and the wife is a bit irritated.

The husbund opens the door and is a young blonde teen who said she was her daugther and ask to live with them (I don't remember the reason). The wife is not so happy but the husband feels the responsability and convince her to accept.

That young girl seems so innocent but starts to get attracted by his father and have ambiguous seduction behavior that become more strange and intense, so is uncomfortable for him, but much more uncomfortable for her. For example, I remember a scene when the wife is in the shower and she comes into the shower with her and starts to talk to her and caress her a breast. That make the wife feel strange and she decided to get out the shower embarrased.

Finally, the wife convinces her husband to kick her out of home while the young teen feels so bad. The husband feels also bad with the decision but accept that was the better option. The wife is so happy and they starts to have sex, but that teen comes back (I don't remember how entered in the house) and see the couple having sex, hidden behind the door half open. She gets excited and imagine she's having sex with him instead her wife (the film shows that scene of her imagination), and starts to masturbate.

Then, she got catched and feels embarrased.

I finished to watch the film in this moment but it continues. I only remember some physical aspects:

The young teen is blonde and shorter than the wife, and the wife have dark hair.

I hope this information to be useful. Thank you!
asked Jun 28, 2017 in Name That Movie by stranger98 (1 point)
No, it isn't, thanks for the answer anyway :)
The daughter was not really his daughter, right? Anything else you can remember?
I don't remember very well what she said to him but was like: "You had a relationship in (a certain place at a certain time) and she got pregnant". One thing I'm sure is that she convinced him. I don't know if she lied at the end or not because I didn't finish to watch the film