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1920s torch singer in love with an emotionally tormented man

Okay, this one is driving me nuts.


This film was set in the 1920s, but made sometime after 1990. It was definitely made no later than 2004 or 2005, because that's when I first saw it. I think it may have been a Canadian-British production, may have originally aired on Canadian TV. I first saw it in the US on Encore, I think. No-name cast.

An American or Canadian torch singer is living in London and is in love with a Brit. He has some sort of severe, deep-seated psychological issues and is tormented by them. I think he might have been an athlete--I seem to remember a couple of shots of him running or something. She can't seem to help him. She has an older female friend who sometimes gives her a bit of advice. I think the ending was unhappy, and I think it might have been a true story. The overall plot details are hazy in my mind. I just remember a few song sequences, a couple of love or sex scenes, and a generally sad overtone.

The period details were extremely lush, and they stuck out in my mind. The female lead wore a lot of gorgeous black and red silks, and the interior settings tended toward rich dark wood and low, amber-colored lighting. If anyone has seen The Cat's Meow, the costume and set design and lighting were fairly similar to that film.


I have no memory of anything else about this movie. I only saw it once, and it was very obscure. I would be much obliged if anyone can point me in the right direction.

asked Jul 7, 2017 in Name That Movie by Minkette (1 point)