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1970s Television Horror Show or Movie

I only remember this short scene from my childhood. I was born in 1970, so I estimate the year I saw it to be between 1973 and 1977? I saw it on television and it was in color and appeared to be shot on videotape. I remember it seemed to be night time when I saw it.

Anyway, in the scene a young boy is sleeping on a large bed in a castle or mansion, and then it shows a medieval suit of armor standing in the hallway. The suit of armor seems to come to life and walk down the hall and into the room, picks up the sleeping boy and carries him back down the hall. It was at this point an adult, I think it was my aunt, said something like "This isn't appropriate" or "You shouldn't be watching this", and she turned it off or changed the channel! My mother says I used to change the channel from her soap over to "Dark Shadows" when I was very little, and I must have been really little when this happened, because otherwise I would have changed it back(Lol)!

I have been a horror fanatic my whole life and this is driving me insane! Please solve this mystery for me so I can go back to a normal life. If any of you TV and movie wizards know this, please let me know.

Thank you!
asked Aug 14, 2017 in Name That Movie by Cinemanster (1,926 points)
Thank you VHS_Lives, but that's not it. Someone on another site said "Sapphire and Steel"(1979-1981 TV series), which looked closer to it, but wasn't it either. I'll find it eventually because I'm just obsessive(lol)! Thanks for your efforts and the search continues.
"ABC Wide World of Mystery"(1973-78 TV series)?
I think it might be one of these as they were mostly shot on video, but I can't find much about them.
I tracked some info for you. Supposedly called "Thriller" in the UK, A&E released season 1, but the complete series was released too. There was an episode said to mix with Dark Shadows, but the master tape was lost. You might try contacting the creator of the show Brian Clemens or A&E, or some of the diehard fans of that show to track down the exact episode. Sorry I couldn't help more....
Thanks VHS_Lives, this was one of the shows that looked like a viable contender, the years are right.