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90s comedy film, gags (car bumping into a toilet, food throwing...)

I remember a film I was watching as a kid, probably from the 90s or around. It was a comedy film, and it had gags in it. For example, right at the start of the film, there's a car going reverse and bumping into a wooden outdoors toilets that an old women was using. I also remember that later in the movie, there was a party (wedding maybe?) and it got wrecked, people throwing food at each other and everything. Not subtil humour but as a kid, you'd surely find it funny ^^
asked Aug 20, 2017 in Name That Movie by Mwyann (1 point)
Can you remember anything else?
Well there's not much I can remember... It was the same kind of movie as "dumb&dumber", and if I remember correctly, the family in the movie was a bit crazy. I don't even remember the story, apart for this party/wedding thing.

The most I can remember really is that scene right at the beginning, where you could see the small outside toilet made of planks, and that car which tries to park but hits the toilet, which falls apart and reveals some crazy woman inside, shouting because she was busy in there.
Was this a kids movie? I am having a hard time tracking this one down. There was an outhouse scene like this in Delta Farce, but it was a guy and from the mid 2ks.
Well, there were kids in the movie, but they were not the main characters I don't think. But  I suppose it was a film for kids, with all this kind of humour and those gags.

Thanks for helping me out on this one :) I too am browsing IMDB and all sorts to find related movies... but I don't even remember one actor, I was too young :p
Judge Reinhold did a couple of those family trip goofy movies. Let's see if any of those ring a bell. Beethoven sequels and national lampoon thanksgiving to be precise
I think I might be searching for the same movie you are taking about. Have you been able to find it yet? Did it have Some sort of  small (maybe a trailer park) village in a desert enviroment?
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