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Movie about girl who ride moped and meet a boy along the street who waiting for the bus.its some romantic drama i think

Hi Everyone.

I'm searching an movie, i'm tired everything to find that movie but i'm failed.
what i remember :
There was summer,yellow dry grass fields and most of scenes was played in the nature.
If i remember right then a guy moves to small village(with his parents but not sure) and he doesn't like that place and want to go away with bus. He walks to the bus stop(bus board along the road,the whole road was empty) and waiting for the bus to came when a young blonde girl pass there with motorcycle(some kind of moped) then after few hundred of meter she turn around go back with the motorcycle to him and tell him that the bus doesn't goes today(or something like that) then the girl turn around with the motorbike again and go away. After that he decides to stay in that village. Then he will fall in love with her, he will follow her in the woods when she running. I think there was an scene when the girl bathing in some pond in the woods and the guy watching her.
Another scene what i remember when a girl parked the motorcycle in the woods at some old wooden house in the small grass then she run to the woods. I think the motorcycle color was red. I'm sure it was motorcycle but maybe it was a bike i don't know. My memories are so blurry now. I'm starting to think that the movie doesn't exist at all. Everytime i try to recall i forget something. I think the movie is not older than 2000. +- few years. i'm not sure.
I'm tired everything but i can't find this movie.. The only way to find that movie if someone saw it and remember more scenes.
I think it was an American movie but it can be foreign too(french or other)
I'm only sure it is not "My Summer of love" or "Sex and Lucia".
If you saw some movie where girl rode a motorcycle then please post an reply because maybe it's that what i'm looking for.
Thank you for the help in advance and sorry for my bad English.
asked Aug 23, 2017 in Name That Movie by Gyuri961012 (1 point)