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Looking for a movie about past memories of a couple and the world ending in their dream

Looking for the name of this movie, basically there's a woman living in a town and one day she wakes up and her neighbourhood and city is deserted. Outside there is a huge grey cloud that is surrounding and enclosing her town. The only person around is a man she finds listening to music in his home, together they go to a shopping market to take the supplies they need and drive away from the cloud. They realize that there is a creature within that cloud that is set on destroying these two people, and that there is also a door in that cloud that they must go through before they are killed. throughout the movie the man and the woman receive flashbacks of their past. the woman remembers being in a cafe with her grandmother as a child while the man remembers being at a fair with his friends as a child. These two people are connected from the past because the man was dared to throw a stone in the woman's home while she was acting out a fairytale with her grandmother. He hits a candle instead and the grandmother dies after being set on fire. The two become a couple, although trapped from the cloud that grows closer to them. towards the end of the movie the woman destroys the creature after the man loses consciousness from trying to defeat it, basically becoming the hero she once played as a child with her grandmother. Inside the creature is a key to open a door, escaping the world that trapped the couple. She then wakes up realizing it was a dream and finds the man, who doesn't remember her but they start a new life together. I think this movie was at least made past 2010.
asked Sep 23, 2017 in Name That Movie by visix00 (1 point)

1 Answer

answered Sep 24, 2017 by Sandy (7,750 points)