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1980’s - 1990’s Action. Basic Plot. White guy’s daughter/niece/ sister gets kidnapped. He manages to track the group 4 of kidnappers down and kills them saving his Daughter/Niece/Sister

Things I remember from the movie:

The main white guy is invited to spend the night a his black friend’s house for some reason. during the stay the black guys house gets set on fire by some people.

The white guy eventually  tracks one of the kidnappers to a swamp. In the film it is daytime and it is pouring rain and they begin to fight. The fight ends with the good guy picking the bad guy up and dropping him on a broken tree trunk spike  that was sticking out of the water killing him

Also  I think there was also masks involved at some point to hide their identity

The last kidnapper is an old rich white guy.

The fight: the good guy finds out who the last guy is and goes to his house. Turns out the bad guys is wealthy and when the guy arrives he is hosting some party. The butler goes and tells the bad guy that he has a guest waiting for him in the other room. The room where the fight takes place in, is surrounded by African and ancient artifacts, Spears, swords and masks and such. I only remember the end of this fight when the old bad guy tries to choke the good guy with his metallic wire that he had handy.  This backfires because the good guy pushes himself back where there is a spear sticking out of the wall which stabs the old man in the back, killing him. He then carries his niece/daughter/sister out of the mansion.
asked Oct 1, 2017 in Name That Movie by MovingPictureLover (1 point)