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Movie about a guy that that unexpectedly falls in love with a girl but wins her back? (I know there are many like this but its the main plot)

Hey guys, there is this one movie, a romantic comedy, that I can't remember the name of. To begin with, I have very little details on the movie, most of them happen inside the apartment of the guy. I watched it a long long time ago so I don't remember the actors, nor some information that could be critical. What I do remember is that the guy lives in a one room apartment, I don't remember what he did for a living, but I remember he liked carpentry and made his own bar (he was proud of it). I also remember that at one point of the movie the bathroom door is taken down. I don't remember if it was during the party, or the party came after and during an earlier scene they take down the door. So now the bathroom has no door, which was replaced by a sheet of cloth (a towel or a table cloth). There is this one scene in which the girl locks herself inside the bathroom (again I don't remember if the door was there or if the cloth was there and they essentialy talked over what was happening (I'm pretty sure she was crying). If he was talking to her only with the cloth between them that would have been funny because he respected her privacy and he was just trying to help her. I don't know why but I think that there was no door so he says, "this is stupid, I'm coming in, there is no door", he thinks that talking with her inside the bathroom without a door and him outside because she said the "door" was locked, was stupid and just comes in and finishes talking to her inside the bathroom in front of her. I don't know if she was crying because she found something out about him and is leaving him or something else. So the girl leaves him and I don't remember what happened but he wins her back.


So to summarize because that was long and without order,

-I remember that the main plot is that a girl and a guy fall in love, the girl leaves the guy but he wins her over again.

-The guy lives in a one room apartment and his hobby and made his own bar table.

-The scenes:                                                                                                                                                 1) I remember when the girl first comes into the apartment she inspected it, and he told her about the bar                                                                                                                                                               2) then that there was a party at the apartment                                                                                           3) also that the bathroom door is taken down and replaced with a sheet of cloth (don't remember if it was during the party or earlier)                                                                                                                           4) the scene with the girl inside the bathroom sad and the guy outside and he comes into the bathroom. 5) The girl leaves the guy, who becomes very sad, but he later on wins her back.

Alright, so that is all I got (altho I'm pretty sure, but I don't really know, that there was a scene in a park), I hope that is enough to ring a bell in someones memory. I really want to know the name of the movie, I've been after it for years now, and I really want to see it again. Thanks to anyone who can help with any information.
asked Oct 8, 2017 in Name That Movie by Ignacio (8 points)
Maybe "What Happens In Vegas" with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher
Hey thank you so so so much!!! It was the exact movie I was looking for, and I got so many details wrong, I don't know how you figured it out with my mistakes, but thank you. I have seen this movie so many times, its even in my netflix list but i didnt think it was that one. Thank you a lot, you just saved a bro a lot of time.

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Cool.  It was the missing bathroom door that clicked it for me.  Give me some best answer cred, please. 


"What Happens In Vegas" with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher

answered Oct 11, 2017 by fish (165 points)
selected Oct 11, 2017 by Ignacio