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This is a very bizarre movie, I have stopped thinking it's a movie, but what is the name of a movie about two gangs of kids fighting in the forest?

Hey so as I said this is a very bizarre movie or even question for that matter. I think I saw this movie when I was real small, like when I was 8, at around 2007, and I rememberd this movie a year or two ago and I've been trying to look for it since. All I remember about the movie is that there were two or one groups of kids living/ controling a part of a forest next to a lake I think it was. They were staying at an abandoned building, and there was one kid that was the leader, very mean. He and his gang temorized the other group of kids, and they were constatly fighting. In one scene, a kid from the other gang was captured and taken to the leader. There they pulled down his pants and started intimidating him while the grabed and opened a jar, and with tweezers they take something (I think it was a leech) and they explained what it did when put in the penis. Here I'm not sure if they actually put it in his penis or not, but he was let go and as he walked out in shame, he walked past all of the kids from his group, ashamed. I remember he walked down a marked path in the ground and the other kids were at the side.


This is all the info I have, its bizarre, and disgusting, but I'd like and appreciate any help I can get.
asked Oct 11, 2017 in Name That Movie by Ignacio (8 points)
im only hazarding a guess here as ive never actually seen the movie but could it be Lord Of The Flies 1990
Thats a good guess but it's not it, although its a good film. Its almost completely faithful to the book.
thought it might be a long shot only one i could think of with 2 groups of kids fighting in woods
its alright. There is also a similar one called War of the Buttons (also a good film). It's like if its a mixture of both films. Anyways, I appreciate the time you took to answer my question, and of course your help. Maybe, I don't know, you could help me with my other question? That one is a messed up and I still have no answer, could you take a look at it please? Thanks again.
no probs sorry i couldn't help and yeah i read that one when you put it up but unfortunately i have no idea sorry

1 Answer

That's Stand by Me - 1986 directed by Rob Reiner and based on Stephen King's The Body.
answered Oct 29, 2017 by bodhisao77 (29 points)