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Comedy Spooky House Type film from 60's or 70's

Hi I thought i would bump this question i asked before in the hope someone new might know it... this is a movie in colour from the 60' or 70's british i think it's along the lines of the old ealing type comedies i remember watching when they were shown on BBC2 or Ch4 it revolves around a village with a large manor house that when the current crusty owner dies is bequeathed to a young rogue all the villagers assume hes going to keep it in the manner of his relative but are shocked when on his arrival he announces its going to be flogged off to the highest bidder ( recall a scene where hes met by all in sundry at the local train station ) anyhoo the villagers ( who i think are involved in some sort of money making scam with the house ) decide to bump him off in one bizarre way or another ( i recall a scene where they stretch a rope across the road but are foiled by some pure chance ) i think in the end the rogue falls in love with a local girl and everything ends ok im sorry i cannot recall anymore info other than that and its been driving me crazy trying to find ihe name i would be most grateful if someone can put me out of my misery
asked Oct 19, 2017 in Name That Movie by giddykippa (516 points)
hi thanks for your input but it's not the one unfortunately ive seen ruling class and its more of a dark satire than a genial comedy such as the one im looking for
Tonight's the night?

This seems closer but no auction.
that definitely looks promising i will see if i can find some footage on youtube see if it clicks im out at moment but will get back to you when ive had chance to explore
many thanks
well i couldn't wait i haven't been able to find a clip but im sure from what ive read about it that this is the film to put it simply you sir are a genius thank you for finding my film the problem is there is no yellow star to mark your answer best what do i do to resolve that but thank you a million times thank you
ive just ordered the dvd thank so very much really can't thank you enough

1 Answer

Best answer
Tonight's the night

Thanks for the kind words. The yellow star should now be visible. Glad we could help. Enjoy.
answered Oct 19, 2017 by VHS_Lives (10,752 points)
selected Oct 19, 2017 by giddykippa