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2000's Movie featuring a couple on a lake; husband/boyfiend in tears in last scene as red-headed man who plays Satan hysterically laughs as he derives joy from his pain.

In roughly 2010, I recall watching a movie that held some significance to me as it illustrated the insidious nature of Satan and how he delights in our misery.

I can recall that the movie was comprised of a couple whom was staying in a cabin that was quite isolated that rested along a picturesque lake.  If I recall correctly, there was some talk of someone committing suicide in that lake, which in part set an ominous tone for the movie.  The man in the movie that played the husband/boyfriend to the woman was in a great deal of mental turmoil; in fact, the scene that stands out the most is the end where the man goes out on the lake in a canoe where he is in tears due to the terrible mental state he is in with the intent to commit suicide himself I believe.  It is then that you see a red headed man who is laughing due to the fact that he is delighting in seeing this man suffer so.  The read headed man of course playing the role of Satan.

I have attempted to utilize the web page and have come across titles such as Lake Mungo, Eden Lake, Lost Lake, Devil’s Pond, etc in the process, but I know for a fact that this is not the movie I had seen.  Apparently this movie is a bit obscure in nature, but since I recall initially viewing it in roughly 2010 and recall that the film seemed extraordinarily contemporary I know that for a fact that the movie could not have been made prior to 2000; at least I do not believe it to have been.

I know I was unable to provide you with a good deal of specific details, but thought I would try to find this movie as I can relate to the mental turmoil of the man in the film and because of my faith do believe the impetus of such suffering could relate to a spiritual force many fail to acknowledge the existence of.

Thanks in advance for your time.

asked Nov 4, 2017 in Name That Movie by Joel (6 points)
The first thing that comes to mind is "antichrist" (2009).
Was your movie not antichrist?
Please forgive me for not responding until now.  I checked out the trailer for the movie you mentioned and although I can certainly see how it is you came to the conclusion that this was the movie I was referring to it actually is not.  I spoke to my mother concerning this movie as she desperately wanted to see this movie again as well; she remembers the plot a bit different however; perhaps by me referencing some details she has provided it will address any errors I had made in my synopsis.  According to my mother, when the red haired man who is playing the role of Satan mockingly laughs at the man's misery he is located within the confines of a dark room while looking at pictures possibly as opposed to him being on a kayak in the last scene while on the lake.  Also, she referenced that the cabin owner had died possibly as a result of suicide and must have been a friend to the man since the man in the movie later gained access to it.  My mother had stated it seemed as if the paranormal activity found with the cabin was initially portrayed as being related to the deceased friend when later it is revealed that it relates to Satan.  You obviously have an encyclopedic knowledge related to movies, so I trust you'll be able to locate this movie.  I think perhaps my misinformation may have thrown you off. My apologies.  Hopefully between the details I recall in combination with those provided by my mother will lead you in the right direction.  Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.  It's appreciated! - Joel
I have been digging more, but still coming up emty. Was this a christian based film? Where there only 3 characters in the film?
Hi, it's a bit funny in the sense that my mother jokingly states that we almost feel as though we are losing our minds in that we are cognizant of the fact that we had seen this film together on of the movie channels such as HBO etc, yet it seems like it fails to exist almost as every search I've engaged in thus far turns up empty.

It was definitely not a Christian based film whatsoever; I only recall three characters in the equation, however, I'm sure there were more to speak of.

I know what I have provided is quite little to go on; I'm sorry for that.  I'll just throw in one more obscure detail that I doubt will be beneficial, but figure it won't hurt to add.  I recall the man in the film going under the house/cabin for some reason where once again he was in a terrible metal state.  Again, I know that fact is ridiculously obscure, but thought I would add it anyway.  Typically my memory is a lot more powerful than this; it's amazing how the little I do recall of this movie however has impacted me so profoundly.

If you're unable to locate this movie know that I'm thankful for all of the time you have invested.  It's a kindness that means a lot.  I hope this finds you well. - Joel
The Presence seems close, and has a hooded figure in the boat at the last scene.
You found it!  You did it!  I would just like to thank you for locating this movie.  t's quite an accomplishment considering just how little you had to go on.  Thank you!

In the guidelines provided by the web page,  I would have to select a star next to the answer you provided in order to award your answer the best answer, however, in spite of the fact that I have logged in on this page with two different browsers and still do not see the star  I had thought I would ask how to award you properly as that is the least I can do.  Thank you again.  - Joel

1 Answer

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The Presence

Glad we could help. That was a hard one for sure.  The star should be visible now.  Thank you for the kind words
answered Nov 16, 2017 by VHS_Lives (11,088 points)
selected Nov 16, 2017 by Joel
My pleasure; sorry that this one was difficult for you.  Just out of curiosity; why wasn't the star visible initially?  I'm sort of inquisitive by nature.  haha - Joel
Hmm I actually undid the star by selecting your answer the best answer and then clicking the star again to learn the functionality of the site, which essentially transformed the star into a box.  My apologies for the inconvenience; perhaps maybe you can let me know why that happened, and why the star didn't appear initially for future reference.
Ah, perhaps bc you listed it as a comment as opposed to an answer; I know I undid the best answer by selecting it a second time, so feel free to post the answer again so I can award your hard work.  My apologies again for the inconvenience.
You might be able to click it again, but no worries if you can't. I had been using comments instead of an official answer, which is why the star wasn't there. It was a difficult question, but I dig helping, so it felt good to figure it out. I so thought satan would be listed in the reviews, but alas, it wasn't. Figuring out how a person might write a review is key to searching/finding stuff sometimes.
I finished watching the movie earlier in the middle of the night as I couldn't sleep; it had an incredibly profound effect on me once more.

I was able to award you a very well deserved star in spite of my error.  Apparently clicking the star once it is selected undoes the selection apparently, but after logging out and  logging in once more the star reappeared either bc logging in once more undid the error, or you accomplished something on your end.

The methodology you utilized was quite effective; I approached the search wrong by utilizing the wrong key words it seems, but am quite thankful the strategy you employed worked so incredibly well.