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Pre-2000s Children's Animated--Taken to Fairy Land to Fight Evil Queen

This movie was made pre-2000, probably in the 1980s or 90s. It is an animated children's fantasy movie.The characters are tall and skinny. The main character has either blonde or brown hair, I think.

I remember bits and pieces of the plot: An adolescent girl is home alone for the night. She is watching TV in her bedroom when all of a sudden it goes static. She is confused and maybe looks around her house. Then she opens either her bedroom window or front door (possibly because something was knocking on it) and sees a green dragon looking in (you see the side of its face, mostly its eye). She then runs either to the front door or her bedroom window (the opposite of where she was before), and when she opens it, the dragon grabs her in its claw and takes her away. She is taken to a fairly land, and when she arrives is surrounded by a circle of fairy or at least fairy-like girls. She has to go on a journey to an evil queen to defeat her and get back home. The queen's castle is a stereotypical medieval European one, with the towers on the corners. At one point the character runs up the spiral staircase in one of these towers.

That's basically it. And it's not Dragon Tales (probably obvious to most, but I've had multiple people suggest it to me). My mom swears this is just some dream I convinced myself was real, and I still can't find it after searching on and off for a few years. Any help is appreciated!

asked Nov 12, 2017 in Name That Movie by thedangerset (1 point)
Could it not be a girl? Flight of the dragons?