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Any funny stories related to trying to identify movies?

What prompted me to ask this, is that I had an amusing experience recently on another site.
I was reading a question about a movie. It went something like this:

It's set on a remote farm, a family lives there, the kids are grown. Maybe there is an old woman in a wheelchair. Every night they board up the doors and windows. A guy arrives to the farm, the family is reluctant to give him shelter but eventually they do, but they tell him not to poke around in the house at night, no matter what he hears.
At night, some demon is floating above the house.
Towards the end, they somehow fight the demon with the aid of some ghost-warriors and they defeat it.

I thought this reminds me of the game, Beyond Two Souls, to the segment with the Navajo family, it fits the bill almost perfectly.
Then I thought maybe that part of the game was based on some old movie, that the developers liked and so they were referencing it in their game. I thought, ohh I got a lead, I got this, I'll go to IMDb and check the references for Beyond Two Souls. Nothing good comes up.
I still think the resemblance can not be coincidence, I try Googling "Beyond Two Souls"+reference, "based on", things like that, but nothing.
I give up after a while and try to Google it without the Beyond Two Souls angle, falling back to using keywords like "demon", "farm", "boarding up" etc. Nothing.
After I get tired of everything I'm ready to move on to another question but I get the idea that maybe I should tell the questioner how funny it is that there is a game in existence that's 99% what he is looking for in a movie, except for the male lead.
I almost don't comment, because, I don't like to make pointless comments, but I decide to do it and I include a YouTube link to this part of the game.
And after some time, the reply comes,
"Was I looking for a game? XD I looked at the link and this is it!"
I find it funny and it also made me think, that some games reached a point in graphics, when in the memories of people they might turn into movies.
asked Nov 19, 2017 in General Question by lavina (700 points)
That's very interesting, lavina. I also think the reverse is happening as well, with movies becoming more and more like video games because of the (over) reliance on CGI.
Burnt Offerings (1976)