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Zombie movie made sometime between 2007-2010

Ok, so I've been on a zombie kick lately and I'm trying to think of a movie I either saw on cable tv or on Netflix. It wasn't a major production and was one of the straight to DVD or made for TV types. It's about a zombie outbreak in a town or a city and a group of survivors trying to flee to safety. I don't remember too many details except that I know for a fact that it began with a guy in some sort of warehouse office room that he had barricaded himself in. He's writing on a computer or doing something when the movie begins. He's either armed with an ax or a chainsaw. I also remember that at some point the group of survivors abandons the other half in the van only to crash further down the road. The group left behind catches up and finds a girl impaled with rebar in the van and leave her to her fate. I think she had a boyfriend or something that was tagging along. I'm not sure if this was part of the same movie but it seems like two guys went off on their own in a boat down a river looking for a helicopter. They wind up finding one but it doesn't have any blades. One gets attacked and left behind and the other is able to dive back into the boat and continue down the river. The movie ends with the same guy barricading himself in the same room the movie began in. The guy is just an average looking white guy in his thirties. The group of survivors was around 6 or 7 at the largest point. The movie also takes place at night. I'm nearly certain it was made sometime between 2007-2010 due to the typed of clothes, cellphones used, etc.
asked Jan 8, 2018 in Name That Movie by superbad88 (2 points)
You might be best using an advanced plot search in imdb and see if you recognize the images or plot points for the "zombie" plot movies in that year range. I have looked through so many of them for you, but I cannot find that ending or a zombie movie with a narrator.

1 Answer

The Devil's Playground - 2010 -

answered Sep 5, 2018 by jbr549 (52 points)