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Movie's title

So I watched this asian movie about a tough girl who is a softie for bread, I dont remember much about this but people considered her as a tomboy or a lesbian because she was very different from the girls. A celebrity who bakes during his free time ends up shooting at her school. The girls, of course, fell for him but not the tough girl, the director was looking for a girl who could do her lines properly without fangirling over the celebrity. The celebrity chose the tough girl who was in shock because they did not get along very well. Her acting was quite poor because she lacked emotions, there was even a scene when she was supposed to cry but couldn't. So the celebrity eats bread in front of her eyes and she cries. In the end, i think she fell for him and he did too. The celebrity had to leave for another job but promised to be back to bake her bread every day. The girl waited but was impatient. When he finally came back, he made her bread but i guess she was mad, i dont remember why and threw the flowers he was giving her to his face, he gave her bread and she ate it because flowers never really touched her. She cried because the boy said he kept thinking about a new recipe for her, so he traveled far to find edible sweet petals and mixed it with the dough for the "special bread". Just like his movie, they ended up together. PLEASE HELP ME

asked Jan 27, 2018 in Name That Movie by GumDrop (25 points)
I started digging for this one again last week, and I just cannot seem to find it. Bread is a central theme, right?
Yes, on the girl's part.. im not sure if it was a chinese or korean movie.