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Animated series about a kid discovering tiny worlds

Date: 15-20+ years old.

Country of origin: Unknown, probably western animation.

The drawing was artistic. In each episode the kid discovers and enters tiny worlds around him.

Once he studies his ice cream up close and notices tiny eskimo-like people in it and soon he finds himself among them.

Another time, as he lays in the bathtub, he checks his knees and realizes that they are islands for tiny people, sailing on boats, in the tub.
asked Mar 11, 2018 in Name That TV Show by lavina (811 points)
Perhaps the "once upon a time" series?
For example:
Thanks, but it's not it.
Not a perfect match, but "the littles"?
Nope, this is not it,  but thanks for looking into it.
The premise of the show is  always an everyday activity, like bathing or eating ice cream, then the kid sees the tiny people, gets transported into their tiny world and has adventures.  I was told about another premise, the boy was eating breakfast, cracked open his hard boiled egg and the ususal tiny world was inside. The people in these worlds always believe that their reality is the only reality, they don't think of themselves as tiny eskimos living on ice cream.
The color scheme was similar to that of this cartoon:
And the drawing style was similar to that of this cartoon except what I'm looking for was a bit better drawn:
Lavina, was this in english? I am guessing it was aimed at toddlers? I can't see youtube/vimeo from my work area, but is it 2d or 3d animation?
No, it was Hungarian. As for the target audience, I'm not sure, maybe 6 to 12.  It was 2D, not computer animation and it was borderline artistic, somewhat similar to The Man Who Planted Trees.
is there any chance it could be a little girl and not a boy? I am embarassed that I can't figure this one out.  Could the focus not have been on the boy, but the tiny creatures?

Let's try: "Olliver's Adventures"
I wouldn't rule out that is was a girl instead of a boy, but the protagonist was the unchanging element of the show, the tiny people were always different.
I checked Olliver's Adventures, I think it's not it.
And this is not to be embarassed about, I'm pretty sure this is some obscure, half-art, half-entertainment piece. :)
Nah, this series was launched in 2012 and what I'm looking for is at least 15 years old.