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Husband kills wife, gets away with it, but later goes to prison voluntarily for something he was innocent of

Country of origin: Unknown, mostly Caucasian actors.

Date: No info.

Language: English or Hungarian dubbing.


A man has a fight with his wife, probably because she cheated on him and he ends up killing her. He hides the body and he is in luck because he was already scheduled to travel to a far away land (a jungle maybe) to take a job there as an architect or engineer. The only problem is that he was expected to arrive there with his wife. He meets a woman, I don't know if he truly falls in love with her or just pretends but a relationship quickly develops. Than he asks her if she would come with him and pretend to be his wife and the woman agrees. She doesn't know what happened to his wife, the guy probably fed her a story that they got separated after she had an affair.

They arrive okay to their travel destination but things don't go well. Another guy is trying to woo his fake-wife, later they are arguing about this and I think the woman falls from somewhere to her death. It was an accident, the guy even tries to catch her. The circumstances make him suspicious in the eyes of the authorites and he confesses to murdering his fake-wife as a way to atone for the real murder he commited back home or because the guilt felt over not being able to save the fake-wife.

The story is told in retrospect, it begins with the man in prison, doing forced labour maybe, telling all this to somebody. At the end of the movie, he is shown again in prison, that's when he says that he confessed to the murder of his fake-wife.
asked Apr 19, 2018 in Name That Movie by lavina (698 points)
Lavina do we have a refrence to when this was seen? My keyword quote searches are getting me nowhere, but imdb can if I can narrow the time down a bit. I am assuming a thriller or mystery is the category.
I asked and the questioner puts it in the 80s. It's somewhat frustrating, because the description seems specific enough for a quick find but it just doesn't come up. (It's one of those.)
My previous comments reads a little bit as if I was frustrated with the people here not finding it, but what I meant was, that I was frustrated when  I couldn't find it, even though I felt like I had a lot of good data at the beginning and I thought it will be a quick find.
Oh I understood what you meant. You have a great searching style too, so for you not to find it, I knew it would be hard. I think IMDB will have it, and I have restricted plot to wife, year 1970-1992 as a catchall, but the genre is confusing. This may just be a drama.