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Comedy with a guy who has a genital tattoo

Date: 90s - 2008.
Country of origin: Probably the U.S.

It's probably a romantic-comedy. A group of students (high school or something else) are on a field trip or in a summer camp.
A guy exposes a girl of wearing breast enlargement bras and later this girl takes pictures of the guy's genitals while he's passed out and posts the pictures somewhere at school for everybody to see, he has eye tattoos either on his penis or at the sides of it.
At the end, for some reason (for a girl?) he voluntarily gets naked in front of a group of people.
It was aired on a Hungarian tv-channel.
asked Jun 26, 2018 in Name That Movie by lavina (686 points)
Hey Lavina, I have been up and down on this one for a couple years now, and nothing yet. Any extra info would be great if you can get it. I am fairly adept at the teen movies, but this scene rings 0 bells for me. Do we know if the photo was graphic? That would help put a rating on it to search better
Hey Lavina, I am doing some deeper searches on this again. We are assuming it is unrated or rated r, right?
Sorry, I didn't notice your July 3rd comment.
About the rating, I asked the guy today, if there was full frontal male nudity in the movie and if he remembers anything else and I'll forward everything when he answers. Thanks for sticking with it!
Now I'm thinking that maybe it wasn't an American movie, that's why it's so elusive.
Have you had a chance to check and see if it was german, french, or another language? I know you know more languages than me, and searching using the words in that language brings up different results. I have had 0 luck in english so far. I am thinking maybe it isn't a tattoo, but they draw it on or something.  I have been tryung keywords like embarrassing and revenge.
If you ever feel like searching for it again, the questioner surfaced today and provided the following:
As for the rating, they didn't show the guy's private parts when he was unconscious, just the faces of two girls staring at it. In another scene towards the end, he undresses on a stage in front of an audience, then he is shown from the  waist up.
And although the guy and the girl hate each other, they become a couple by the  end.
As for the release date, it might be newer, 2000-2006 maybe.
Once I tried searching for it using German words (Google Translate) but nothing came up.
I think American Pie Band Camp had something vaguely similar
I've forwarded American Pie Presents: Band Camp but it didn't hit.
The questioner added that it was more serious  in tone and that the girl had short, black hair.
that gives me something to work with. i am leaning towards drama. i will keep digging
Amazing turn of events. Somebody has  identified it on German Wikipedia Reference Desk. It's called:

Klassenfahrt – Geknutscht wird immer (english title: The School Trip).

Here is the genital tattoo from the movie:
Oh my gosh. I would have never been able to find that using english searches. Great job Lavina. Wow
Hey Lavina, would you put that answer on this one too please?
Sure, it's done.