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Ealy 90s young adult horror book; girl finds body at the bottom of an open grave

I read this in the summer of 93. It was similar to the point horror books, but I went through all the titles I could find. Didnt see it there.
These high school girls are camping out at the cemetery one night. Main girl needs to pee and goes behind a tree. She finds an open grave, a body is lying there and she hears, "hes dead isnt he?" she flips out, runs back to her friends. They go back and grave is empty. The next day, kid in the grave is found dead somewhere else. she meets a guy at school who has a reputation as a rough kid. He ends up being the voice in graveyard, but he didnt kill him. They start dating, and she finds out he spends nights in school basement and plays the sax real well. girl gets a job at supermarket. one of the other employees is an assole kid that is friendly to the older customers. at one point, a customers house is burglarized. Main girl remembers the this customer telling the asshole guy about her trip. the asshole ends up being the killer with his girlfriend. guy in grave was part of a prank, but ended up killed by asshole coworker.
asked Oct 15, 2018 in Name That Book by master41 (518 points)
edited Oct 15, 2018 by master41
maybe a "fear street" book like "first date"?
Thanks, but that's not it. I'm pretty confident that it's not an RL Stine book. He has a style where every chapter seems to end in some cliffhanger that ends up being a false alarm, which this book didnt have as I recall.
You do think it was a book in a series though? Horror not thriller? Could it be aimed at kids instead of young adults?
I dont think it was a series. I've looked through all the point horror and fear street stories. It was definitely around that length of a book though, and I picked it out thinking it was horror. In hindsight, there wasn't anything supernatural in it. It played out more like a murder mystery. It wasn't a children's book. It was well over a hundred pages with chapters and everything.