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A Guy Chains A Woman To The Wall In His Room Naked, And He Tortures Her. They End Up Falling In Love After A While.

I saw this movie on Cinemax back in the early 90's.  I didn't see the whole thing.  Well, what I saw was this guy gets this woman to come over to his apartment.  He somehow ends up chaining her hands over her head to the wall.  He explains that he loves her and she will be his.  He then strips her naked and begins torturing her.  One way is he tickles her for a long while with a feather.  Somehow over the course of the movie, the woman ends up falling in love with him.

I remember one scene in particular.  The police or something come into the apartment.  The woman tells the man she will remain perfectly still and pretend to be a statue.  Before answering the door, the man tears a big leaf off one of the plants, licks it and places it on the woman's crotch.  The police, or whoever they were, come in and talk for a little while.  They make a comment like, "what a realistic looking statue," and then they leave.  In the end, the man and woman hook up.  I vaguely recall them in bed together, and another guy comes out of the wall with a knife.  He then looks at the couple having sex and just walks away.

I was young watching this, and kept the sound low so my parents wouldn't know I was watching a movie like this. So I'm not entirely sure on the dialogue.  The man that ties the lady to the wall looked like a young Tim Curry, but it's not him.  I checked his IMDB page.  The woman chained to the wall had red hair.
asked Oct 20, 2018 in Name That Movie by master41 (418 points)
Private Obsession came to mind when you asked this.
master41, was it not private obsession?
No, I dont think that's it. This movie was much older, and I'm sure i watched it years before private obsession was made.
I have half an idea that it was an episode of one of those late at night cinemax tv series back then, but not a lot is written about those, especially 80s-early 90s. Hopefully that is a starting point for you.
I saw this movie as well (it was one of the first dirty movies I saw) and I haven't really been able to find anything about it either, but I can remember a few details about the movie, if that helps.

One, the guy was a actually photographer.  He lured her over to his house and chained her up, like you said, groped her for awhile, and then took photographs.  I don't recall any torture.  I do recall that she was not very well endowed, and they talked about that.

Second, the woman had a personal "maid" who was rather protective of her, so the man would sic his valet on the maid whenever he visited.  The maid and the valet would find some bushes and go at it while the guy was visiting the woman.

Third, the police who came into the apartment while she was chained up were serving a warrant to search homes for Jack the Ripper.

Good luck.
That's it!
Hey, VHS, you can submit this as the official answer. Thanks.

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answered Feb 10 by VHS_Lives (10,777 points)
selected May 9 by master41