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Comedy about the search for a disappeared boy

Date: It was on HBO, in 1997-1998.

Plot: The younger brother of the protagonist disappears and he organizes a search party from 3 of his friends to look for him. I think they are all boys (teenagers probably). The protagonist is a short, stocky boy with dark, curly hair. Another guy has short, blond hair, he never says anything and he's filming everything they do with a camera. In the end, it's revealed that the missing brother was in the cellar of their own house from the beginning.
asked Oct 24, 2018 in Name That Movie by lavina (810 points)
Anything else they can remember? Been searching for 1.5 hours and nothing. Could it be sister, or kid being babysat? Maybe this wasn't the main plot? Was it in english? Maybe newer than 98? Not older than 1980, right?
Thanks for the work you've put in.  I've asked some questions from the original questioner and I'll come back if there is an answer. It could be newer then 1998, Hungarian HBO airs older movies too.
I've got lots of info.
The boys are older, 20-25 years old. Yes, the missing person is a younger brother to one of them. He hid because of some mental issues he couldn't face and when he is found, he explains them to the group.
The camera guy is ugly looking so his nickname is "playboy" or "womanizer" (it was dubbed Hungarian).
Out of nervousness, the father of the missing character develops priapism, an erection which doesn't go away.
The questioner believes that it was a black comedy.
I am trult embarrassed to say I cannot track it down even with the new stuff. Spent and hour or so and still stumped.  Maybe your searching style can find what I am not seeing. It seems I don't find as much as I used to these days.
It could be that there is a major flaw in the memory. I already gave it 2 shots but nothing yet.  Thanks again for looking at it!  As for not finding as much, I feel like that too sometimes.
I cannot believe I cannot track this with the priapism clue...could this be foreign? I wish they could remember anything else...I just cant find it.
Yea, it could be foreign. We'll crack it one day.