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Asian movie about two sisters

Country of origin: The actors are Asian, can't narrow it down to one country.
Date: 2000+, seen it a few years ago.
Genre: Action, romance and maybe comedy too.

Both sisters are young adults. One of them works in an office building.
The younger sister is meek, follows the rules, dresses conservatively, doesn't have much confidence.
The older sister is the opposite, a femme fatale.
She seduces lots of men, usually the ones who are already in a relationship.
After she had sex with one of her newest conquests, she revisits the guy, wearing some sort of a disguise and kills him. Maybe with a bow and arrow.
This black widow thing could be a recurring practice with her, not sure, she definitely does it at least once in the movie. Cops are one the case but couldn't get a lead.
She tries to seduce her younger sister's boyfriend but the guy doesn't find her attractive, so she keeps making moves on him.

There is also lots of hand to hand combat in the movie. Maybe kung-fu, some sort of martial art with ridiculously high jumps, maybe even surreal feats of strength. Something akin to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but this one is set in the present.

The older sister has a monologue at one point about how only beautiful women can make it in the world and that women have to be strong willed etc.
After this monologue, her younger sister knocks on the door, she want's to talk to her, the younger sister begins crying, falls on her knees and says that she always obeyed her, always yielded to her will, without getting angry with her etc. I don't where she was going with it but the older sister just slams the door on her face before she finishes.

It's not So Close (2002).
asked Jul 15, 2019 in Name That Movie by lavina (798 points)
Lethal Angels?

Could also be Naked Weapon, or something similar in synopsis?
I've forwarded it long ago, but no reply yet...