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Sex comedy...Couple can’t have sex as situations arise, which wouldn’t allow them to.


Please help me with the title of this movie. It was probably made between 1980s & early 90s. If I'm not wrong it is a sex comedy. I sorta recall that I really enjoyed the situational comedy in the movie. It is about a (married?) couple who suddenly find it difficult to have sex due to incessant obstacles created unintentionally by some uninvited guests/series of events. All through the movie they keep craving for sex with no success & it makes for some awkwardly funny moments. In the end they get their privacy (much deserved!). The scenes are played out linearly where  segments are preceded by an inter-title displaying the number of days since they last had sex. If I recall it correctly there's a scene where the wife/GF gets her guy into the mood by stripping and/or dancing/sashaying naked behind a curtain and when they get all excited they get rudely interrupted. :D Please excuse my limited/sketchy descriptions as it has been so many years (~20 years). I would greatly appreciate your help!

asked Aug 3, 2019 in Name That Movie by sunnyboyin (23 points)
edited Aug 3, 2019 by sunnyboyin
I am back digging at this one again....

maybe "a touch of class"?
Thank you for the reply! As per the plot, that doesn’t seem to be the movie I was looking for. This movie I’m looking out for, could be late 80s to early 90s movie. Once again, I appreciate your time & effort.
Here we go again... "speaking of sex"? a couple stories mixed togethet in this one...
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately that’s still not the one I’m looking for. Also I’m pretty positive that the movie came out before 1995, most probably between the late 80s and early 90s. I really appreciate your time & effort.