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Horror about a lone man and some supernatural presence in his house

Date: 1980-2007.
Country of origin: Don't really know, mostly Caucasian actors.

There is a man living alone in a house and certain events around him (don't know exactly what) lead him to believe that something else is present. He calls the cops at one point, they search the place, but they don't find anything.
While the search is still going, the viewer gets a POV shot, from under a bed, as if something was lurking there.
In one scene, the neighbor's dog gets into the house somehow (don't know the breed, but it's a small dog) it starts barking seemingly at nothing, the guy lets go of the leash, it runs up the stairs, where the camera doesn't follow, it whimpers and it's found dead.
The last bit I have is when the guy leaves the house as if he decided to run away but he stops, keeps staring at house, then walks back inside.

I know, not much hard data, the questioner has been looking for it for more than 2 years.
asked Oct 11, 2019 in Name That Movie by lavina (810 points)
I have been working on this one, seems a psychological thriller or horror. The only specific facts I see are the man lives alone, something is in the house, and the dog dies, but the dog dying doesn't seem to be written in reviws so far.

Did this have a really small cast?
Not a perfect match, but House from 1985?
House (1985) came up for me too, before I gave up. It's on YouTube, I skimmed through it and it doesn't have the dog scene and also, it's a comedy/horror.

As for the cast, I'm not sure, we have the protagonist, the neighbor, the cops and maybe more. If it helps I'll ask the questioner if he remembers any more characters.
Any chance the dog doesn't die? That and the walking back in the house at the end are just not matching up for me...
I asked him, hopefully he answers, his last activity was on October the 11th.