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Mother charged with killing her baby

Date: Approximately between 1993 and 2006.

Genre: Crime, romance.

Country of origin: Unknown, mostly Caucasian actors. It could be from a Scandinavian country.


The protagonist is a young or middle aged mother with long blond hair who is suspected of having killed her baby, either directly or through negligence (house fire?).

She is sent to prison where the other inmates dislike her, taunt her and assault her because of her particular crime. There is a scene where the inmates show her a newspaper article about her baby.

She gets regular visits from a bald man, who is probably a psychiatrist. Over time, they fall in love.

There is a scene where the woman is anaesthesized, hooked up to a machine and her dreams, her mind is projected to a screen. It shows some childhood trauma and a house.

I don't know how but the guy eventually takes her to his home. I guess he either breaks her out or she gets aquitted. He tell her, that she reminds him of his deceased wife, who had similar, long, blond hair.

Near the end, the guy and the woman are going somewhere in a car and they get into an accident. The woman saves the life of the guy somehow.

The last scenes show the woman holding and hugging the bleeding guy and they both watch the wreck of a burning car.


It's not Human Experiments (1974) or Candyman (1992).

The questioner has been looking for it for more than 5 years.
asked Jan 4 in Name That Movie by lavina (810 points)

There are several similar plots to films, but this car crash ending is proving elusive to find someone that wrote about it...
Forwarded it on January the 9th, no reply yet.
I hope I am right. You know Lavina, not many more than you, me, and cass around here anymore.
Really? I didn't know. But indeed, things slowed down here a bit.
You and the other experts are probably applying your skills on other movie-identifying sites.
You are right, a few years ago this site was thriving, nowadays rarely posts someone a new question. Which is a pity because a I really like this site. Anyhow, I stick with the site and regurarly check whether there is a new question posted. I hope, VHS also sticks with the site, we really need your expertise in searching, buddy. I am not the king of searching, a big part of my answers comes from memory, but you are really good at searching. :)
I appreciate the kind words Cass. Between you, me, and Lavina, we have a unique set of amazing experts. I will keep on staying around. I love it here. And Lavina posts the toughest questions :) Any word on Nic being this answer?