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Cultish horror magazines from the 60s/70s (Creepy, Eerie, Horror, Weird)

These magazines that we read in the 1960s and 1970s were titled Creepy, Eerie, Horror, Weird, and it seems Warren Publishing put a lot of them out. The titles truly depicted the type of content they had, and the illustrations fit as well. I'm searching for a two certain issues that I found particularly creepy.

  1. Two lab scientists fight each other, and one of them (named Blaggert?) gets killed. The other scientist puts him in a sack, hangs him up in his lab, includes him in his creepy lab experiments.
  2. Two boys, aged around 10, engage in typical shenanigans, but one of them is always bullying the other; taunting him with the phrase "i'm going to laugh my fool head off!". Finally, the taunted boy has had enough of the bullying, and uses a scythe to cut the head off the taunter.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has access to these issues, or a website that i can find them, or has the details of these particular details. I contacted a magazine dealer and got nowhere.


Can anyone steer me the right way? Thanks!


asked Jan 5 in Name That Book by Acpiwetz (388 points)
You can find many plot synopses of these stories on the Grand Comics Database.  Here is the link for Creepy issues:

Eerie, Weird, and possibly Horror are there, too.  Just type the titles into the Search box at the top of the site.

Good hunting.
Does the boy story have him go missing or dead and then the others start a business and end up dead?
I was always looking for one of these as well. I remember it being called "Dead Man's Hand" and read it around 1980-81. It was a story about some hoodlums killing one of their gang and then having a card game later in a warehouse or something and the dead hoodlum comes back as a zombie and kills them all.
It appears WP did a couple of entries called deadman's hand , cinemanster
Thank you. I'll check it out.