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Horror about group of young people picked off one by one

County of origin: Didn't ask yet.

Date: Didn't ask yet.

This looks easy at first glance because there is a lot of seemingly specific info but it doesn't come up for me.

A group of nine young people traveling in two cars get lost in a fog. After the fog clears they begin to disappear one by one. After each missing person they find a drawing.
Later, the group enters a mansion, they explore it room by room and they try to uncover some mystery inside.
Eventually they discover a company of eight people, who are striving to achive immortality somehow.
asked Feb 10 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
"The Fog" 2005 had scales drawn as death happened, but most was on a boat. "The Shrine" consisted of fog and sacrifice, but no mansion. I am still looking around...
I looked into both movies but to me it seems that neither of them has all the key plot elements (fog, eternal life, drawings).
I was told since that he saw it about 10 years ago and that there was a flashback scene to medieval (?) times showing eight people murdering eight other people in a ritual to gain eternal life. This ritual needed to be reiterated every eight years if they wanted to continue on living forever.

1 Answer

Best answer
Village of Shadows

I am slower than molasses, but I found it :)
answered Feb 13 by VHS_Lives (11,033 points)
selected Feb 14 by lavina
Take your time anytime if you bring in results like this. :)
I was beginning to think this flick doesn't exist or grossly different from how the questioner remembered it.
What lead you to it eventually?
Thank you!
Glad I can be of service :) That part about the 8 years 8 people was the key. After quoting part of it, I found 1 place that diagramed the plot almost perfectly. It being french, it would have been even harder without that.