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Movie about a far right group trying to take over England

Date: We know that it's in color and that he saw it before 2000.

Country of origin: Don't know. Could be the US, UK...

Genre: He said it was exciting, so action, crime maybe thriller.


It's set somewhere between 1945 and 1980, in England.

It's centered around a secret neo-nazi group. They have a flag that has a swastika on it but it's not the same flag used by the Third Reich.

This group plans to poison the water supply of every major town in England at the same time in order to take over the country.

They don't succeed.


It's not Dick Barton: Special Agent (1948) or The Heroes of Telemark (1965).
asked Feb 19 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
"Three the Hard Way" (1974) ( has poisoning the water supply by neo-nazis, but it is set in the US, not in England. Quote from this User Reviews page:
"A group of neo-Nazis plot to poison the water supply of three major American cities with a chemical that will wipe out the black population."
I also came across this in my search, but I dismissed it, since in the description there was no mention of a racial motive and he also seems very adamant about the movie being set in England.
But maybe we should rule it out, just to make sure.
I'll ask him to check this out.
I have been digging, but nothing direct yet. I await the answer on 4 the hard way. This may be a mini series or tv if not....
"The Apocalypse Watch" (1997)

Quote from an on-line synopsis for the movie:
"Neo-Nazi terrorists are undermining the British government with an onslaught of bombings in hopes of seizing power for themselves: one aspect of their plan, Operation Apocalypse, under the direction of Dr. Troupman, a former associate of Dr. Josef Mengele, involves the recovery and retesting of a toxin buried at the end of World War II followed by its release in water reservoirs."

It is based on a Robert Ludlum novel with the same title. Quote from the Wikipedia page of the book:
"They also discover a plan by the Brotherhood, codenamed "Lightning in Water" to provoke a mass poisoning crisis in both the United States, United Kingdom and France by contaminating each capital's water supply, forcing each political leader to resign and allowing the Brotherhood to implant more Sönnenkinder in the void ranks."

The movie is a good candidate, it has all the ingredients: it is set in Britain, neo-nazi terrorist want to bring down the British government, part of their plan is contaminating the water supply. The only problematic part is the time interval. Ludlum wrote the book in 1995, the movie was made in 1997, so the story is probably set in the 90s (I have not read the book and I have not seen the film, so I cannot confirm).
If this is the one, then VHS was right: it is a two-part TV movie. :)
Casspir, I think this is a brilliant find and it has to be the one, but I'll wait for the confirmation from the questioner before I mark it as a best answer.
Thanks for looking into it, VHS.
Glad Cass found it. That one was difficult for sure. It would have taken the exact tense of the word poison to find it for me, and I didn't expect it to be written that way.  Kudos. Maybe I will redeem myself next time... ;)

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"The Apocalypse Watch" (1997)

answered Feb 20 by casspir (19,201 points)
selected Feb 22 by lavina
The confirmation is in.  The questioner sends his regards, he was giving up hope earlier.
Great job.
Great news, I am glad that this was the one. Thanks for the kind words, guys, and thank you for Best Answer, lavina. :)