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Ex-convict finds employment on the farm of a recently widowed woman

Date: 80s, 90s.
Genre: Romance, crime.
Country of origin: Don't know, predominantly Caucasian actors.

A man who was in prison for murder (or manslaughter) gets released, having fulfilled his sentence.
He tries to find a job in a small, rural town but people know about his past and nobody wants to employ him. Finally he gets a job on the farm of a recently widowed woman.

Her husband was trying his hands at many projects, one of these was being an apiarist which lead to his eventual demise, when his bees stung him to death (maybe it was an allergic reaction).
The farm was scattered with old car wrecks and in one of these lived the bees.
The man and the woman fall in love over time and they get married.

About the woman:
When she was a girl, her father used to lock her up somewhere for some reason.
In one scene, she visits her childhood home in town.
She hates the town, she only ventures into town if it's necessary.
She was pregnant at the time the ex-convict showed up.

Later in the movie a woman (a librarian?) gets killed by an unknown assailant and the townsfolk suspect the ex-convict because of his past and because he met the victim on the day of her death in the library.

He gets detained, there is a trial, they find the real killer, the ex-convict gets acquitted, it's a happy ending.

It's not:
Shane (1953).
Places in the Heart (1984).
Labor Day (2013).

I keep thinking that something factual must be wrong with this, because the man killed by his bees should be enough to put the flick on the map, but nothing. Maybe it's a very obscure movie.
asked Feb 24 in Name That Movie by lavina (811 points)
"Morning Glory" (1993)

It is based on a novel, and here is a description of the novel:

The novel's above desciption mentions that the widow is pregnant and lives on a farm:
"Ellie Dinsmore is a widow, pregnant, with two small boys, living on a ramshackle farm."

There is a librarian in the novel:
"Along with the wonderful relationship between Will and Ellie, Ms. Spencer has created some vivid secondary characters in Morning Glory. I especially want to mention the town librarian, Miss Gladys Beasley."

And the ex-convict is accused of murder:
"Will returns home a decorated hero, but shortly after his return he is accused of murder."

This quote from the novel's description can indicate that the woman was locked up when she was a girl:
"Ellie Dinsmore, born out of wedlock and raised behind the shuttered windows and closed doors of her fanatical grandparents’ house is called “Crazy Ellie” by the town."

The woman hates the town:
"Ellie has to overcome her fear and hatred of the town and go into it to find evidence that will clear Will."

Here is a short description of the film on Wikipedia:

The man is employed at the farm, they fall in love and marry:
"Will is employed at Elly's farm as a hired hand, and in the months leading up to the birth of Elly's baby they fall in love. They marry, and are very happy until Will is set up for the murder of a local waitress by his former overseer."

The complete movie can be watched on YouTube here:
At 0:18:39 we can see the old car wrecks on the farm.
At 0:19:12 one of the kids gets in one of the car wrecks and we can see the bees in the car.

Based on the above evidence, I am sure this is the movie the questioner is looking for.
I don't know how you did it, but I'm very glad you did it. I'll forward it right away.
This is how I found it:
movie|film+ex-convict+finds+employment+on widow's+farm

Among the Google hits there was a link that directed me to the book's description, and I checked on IMDb whether there was a film adaptation of the novel.

Thanks for Best Answer. :)

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answered Feb 24 by casspir (19,201 points)
selected Feb 24 by lavina