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To all my fellow experts and questioners

I hope you all are safe and well during this crazy time. Much respect to Cass, Lavina, and everyone here. I am still around, and if any body has any new questions, I'd love to tackle them. Cheers all.

asked Mar 20 in General Question by VHS_Lives (10,983 points)
Stay healthy and safe, all.

"Alert, not anxious" - Dr. Mike
Stay healthy, guys, and send us your movie mystery questions.
Hi Guys, hope you are keeping well, keep safe. (e2-e4)
We'll survive and keep identifying stuff!
You too, man! Thank you!
Hey, guys, I am in touch via e-mail with Bryan Hadaway, the creator of NameThatMovie. Long story short: he sold the site a few years ago and offered to maintain the site but the new owners of the site are Missing In Action. Bryan tried to register again and comment in this tread, but he was not able to do so. New users cannot register. This can explain why new questions are so rare, because only existing users can ask a question, new users with new questions seem to be locked out. Bryan created another movie identification site called Filmfind, he wants us to move over to that site. Here are two segments from Bryan's e-mails to me, this sheds some light to the problems with NameThatMovie:

"Concerning NTM, between you and I, privately, I'll say this: I think it's pretty much all, but abandoned. I offered to help update and maintain everything, but the new owners went MIA and it hasn't been updated in a couple years. It's probably stable enough for a few more years to come, but concerning security, support, design, software bugs, etc., that stuff all eventually breaks down without continued maintenance.”

"I tried registering again, but could not. I finally got to the bottom of it though. No one can register, period. Registrations have been closed for at least 3 years! I can't find a single registration after 2017! I think NameThatMovie is officially dead; it's domain continues to be renewed, but the website itself hasn't been maintained in any way for years.
It might be time for one last push to get all the experts rounded up and moved over to”

So, again, the registration problem can be the reason behind the decline of new questions in the last few years. Bryan's new site is, I am already an expert there. I will keep monitoring NameThatMovie, but it would be adviseable that my fellow experts and questioners move over to

If someone wants to send me an e-mail, my e-mail address is:
My name is István Hegyi (a.k.a Steve Hill) and I am from Hungary, a small country from Europe. :)
Bryan's e-mail address:
If you want an e-mail answer from him, please also check your spam folder.
Hi, Casspir! Already signed in there with the same user name. Cheers from Brazil to everybody.
Great to see you, mimiko. :)
Hi Mimiko
bom te ver, mantenha-se seguro.