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Thriller about lodger from hell - found it!

Film from the 90s (or possibly 00s). A guy was living with a couple. He was controlling and hedonistic. I remember one scene where he had vigorous sex in the couples hotbub. The wife later finds him in his bedroom where he informs her 'I think she killed my d**k'.

The film ended with him in the couples hottub, him threatening to shoot the wife, and her killing him by kicking an electric light into the pool (before that she rips open her blouse and asks him: 'is that what you want'?) The light was plugged in to the mains, her husband threw to her, she put her foot on it, smiled, the guy went to shoot her, but not in time.

. Anyone know the movie?

And no, it was not Pacific Heights.
asked May 26 in Name That Movie by horsesruleokay (3 points)
edited May 28 by horsesruleokay
Would you consider this an erotic thriller? It was in english? Do you know when you saw it, because it can help to limit my search. I haven't found that ending so far...
Apart from the sex scene in the hot-tub (which they watched out the window) I wouldn't say it was particularly erotic. It was in english (US movie). I saw it on tv in the late 90s/ early 00s. (I can't remember the exact date sorry).
were they white or black characters? uninvited guest, the stray, and a couple others have come up, but not sure if any if them are it as the hot tub isn't mentioned
It was Blind Side 1993 (thanks for all your help!) I looked up IMDB thrillers with the tag 'electrocution'.
Good find. Sorry I wasn't of more help.
You helped loads, thanks!